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Zbigniew Chełmicki, MD, PhD

zd_dr_Zbigniew_ChełmickiZbigniew Chełmicki, MD, PhD

A graduate of Medical University of Silesia in Katowice.

He finished specialist training in the field of obstetrics and gynecology in 1985. He received the PhD degree at Medical University of Silesia in 1988. His dissertation was based on the study of concentration of the selected hormones in pregnant women in perinatal stress period in the process of natural and surgical childbirth.

He worked as a Research Associate in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Medical University of Silesia, dealing with pregnant women with physiological and complicated pregnancy for 25 years. Furthermore, he supervised natural and surgical childbirths and was in charge of obstetric ward within the previously mentioned period of time, as well. He participated in numerous gynecological surgical procedures which covered laparotomy, vaginal procedures, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.

He acted as the Vice-Head of the Department of Gynecological Endocrinology at the Medical University of Silesia for 7 years where he dealt with diagnosis and treatment of infertility, diagnosis and surgical treatment of congenital defects of the reproductive organ, diagnosis and treatment of female hormonal disorders.

Dr. Zbigniew is an author and co-author of over 40 academic publications, in both national and international journals in the field of obstetrics, gynecology and gynecological endocrinology. He conducted research on the use of immunhistochemical staining in patients with abnormal Pap smear (cytological smears) which later was published in 2009 in the monograph: “HR HPV infection in females with atypia in the epithelium of the cervix from immunohistochemical perspective”

He has runan obstetric and gynecological practice in Katowice since 1999 and gynecological clinic “Polis Clinic” in Katowice since 1999.

He has run an obstetric and gynecological practice in London and Coventry since 2013.

He participated in numerous courses and seminars, both Polish and international, which aim was to improve his knowledge in the field of ultrasound diagnosis, laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgical procedures and diagnosis of diseases of cervix and their prophylaxis.

He is the member of the academic associations such as:

  • Polish Gynecological Association
  • Polish Endocrinological Association
  • Polish Microbiological Association
  • International HPV Infection Association
  • ESHIRE – European Society of Human Reproduction and Embriology

Scope of procedures:

  • diagnosis and treatment of the reproductive organ
  • ultrasound diagnosis in obstetrics and gynecology, gynecological endocrinology
  • infertility diagnosis and treatment (tubalpatency1, surgical correctionof congenital defects of the reproductive organs, intrauterineinseminations, IVF, ICSI, IMSI)
  • pregnancycounselling – physiological pregnancy and complicated pregnancy – USG, KTG
  • diagnosis and treatment of hormonal disorders
  • contraceptivecounselling
  • diagnosis and treatment of cervix disorders
  • gynecological surgery (applying laparotomy, transvaginal, laparoscopic and hysteroscopic)

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